“Calling In” in Conversation with Our Families

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend the SURJ KC mass meeting last night as we begin learning what it means to “call in” other white folks in our lives.  We are at a critical time in our nation as we prepare for a new president who has promised violence, mass deportation, racial profiling, and religious persecution.  It is vitally important over this holiday weekend that we don’t slip into the familiar and comfortable routine of avoiding difficult conversations about race. To effectively grow a vast multi-cultural movement to end white supremacy, we must engage and mobilize a significant number of white people to embrace and act upon an anti-racist agenda. And we must continue to love each other. We want them to join our efforts to disrupt white supremacy in ourselves and the community at large.

As you prepare to sit at the table this week and over the next month with folks in your lives that don’t share your views, we have included the presentation and handouts from last night’s discussion to support you in engaging in courageous conversations, moving your friends and family into action, and taking the first steps in building the movement that we need.

Also, we are including a google form that we ask you to use to share stories from your conversations.  This will allow us to be encouraged by each other and gain insight into what works in these challenging conversations.  Thanks again for joining us last night and please stay tuned for numerous opportunities to participate in trainings and solidarity actions in the coming week!

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SURJ KC is a 100% volunteer led organization committed to organizing white people for racial justice in accountability with People of Color.  We appreciate your financial support!

We must also commit to supporting the work of People of Color led groups that are organizing for racial justice. We are committed to giving 1/2 of our donations to local POC led groups and ask that you also make a matching donation to a POC led group fighting for racial justice. Here is a list of suggestions compiled with the help of the POC Power Team: Anytown KC • KS/MODA • One Struggle KC

Thank you for being a part of the movement for racial justice and our collective liberation!