Understanding Gentrification

Gentrification is a topic impacting neighborhoods across the metro. It often feels like an inevitable story that we feel powerless to stop. At SURJ-KC we are committed to understanding gentrification as a system and process that can be confronted–if we understand how it operates. We hope you’re motivated by our meeting to dig deeper and take action! We have tons of resources for you to learn more and take leadership.

Learn More

  • Our presentation was compiled from articles, podcasts, data sets, and even poetry, and we want to share it all with you: the Gentrification Syllabus is a living document that we’ll continue updating. You can add to it too!
  • Want to re-create our presentation for your own group? Here’s a pdf of the presentation and the handout.

Take Action

Confronting gentrification will take leadership from neighborhoods across the metro, are you ready to step up?

“How to Kill a City” Book Groups
Want to learn more about the 6 phases of gentrification? That portion of our presentation was pulled from “How to Kill a City” by Peter Moskowitz. He explores gentrification in 4 major US cities and offers some ideas for solutions. Join one of our 3 book groups, hosted by SURJ Political Education core members.

And finally, join us again next month, Dec. 18th at St. Mark’s, to learn how to organize a neighborhood meeting.


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