Our Structure

Showing up for Racial Justice Kansas City (SURJ KC) is a part of the nation-wide Showing up for Racial Justice Network.

The SURJ KC Network is comprised a Coordinating Council and Cores. SURJ KC is in an accountability relationship with the People of Color Power Team. We also work alongside One Struggle KC, KS/MODA and other POC led groups organizing for racial justice.

Coordinating Council

The Coordinating Council provides overarching leadership for the SURJ KC Network in the following ways:

  1. Supporting the growth, development, and success of white anti-racists organizing in Cores.
  2. Making decisions about what work the SURJ-KC Network, as a mass group, should engage in.
  3. Managing communication and finances.


We believe that in order to build a multi-racial, People of Color-led movement for liberation, white people need to do intentional work within themselves and their areas of influence. The SURJ KC Network is made up of Cores, which are groups where you can work within your areas of influence, interests, and passions to disrupt and dismantle racism.