POC Power Group

SURJ KC is in an accountability relationship with the People of Color Power Group.

The POC Power Group’s goal is to challenge systems of white supremacy within communities of color.

The POC Power Group’s mission is to facilitate opportunities for organizing and educating communities of color while fostering emerging organizers of color

The POC Power Group accomplishes this work in these ways:

Accountability within Communities of Color

  • Building a movement based on radical honesty and transparency
  • Uplifting the multiple assets of leaders and communities of color

Accountability in Partnership with SURJ-KC

  • Participating in the design process of SURJ mass meetings and the actions of the Coordinating Council.
  • Being a think partner in education and agitation, such as co-presenting and providing resources

Critical Analysis in Kansas City

  • Being a think partner and possible collaborator in initiatives and projects that benefit communities of color or POC leadership
  • Being a “call-in” voice with initiatives and projects that threaten the livelihood of communities of color