Joining or Starting a Core

For more information about getting involved with a specific core, use the email addresses linked below. Some cores also list their events on our Calendar.

If you don’t know which existing core you’d like to join or you are interested in starting a core, contact the Personal Support Core.

Personal Support Core ✉️
The Personal Support Core is one of three Mass Work Cores. We provide training and coaching for all SURJ KC members who are interested in deepening their leadership and organizing skills.  We also lead Network thinking and training in the important work of agitating how internalized white supremacy affects our actions and relationships so that we can become more effective anti-racist leaders.  

Political Education Core ✉️
The Political Education Core is one of three Mass Work Cores. Racism affects all institutions and systems in our communities. To effectively disrupt racism and advance racial justice, we must understand how racism operates on these levels.The Political Education Core exists to (1) provide trainings for the greater SURJ KC Network so we can develop clear shared anti-racist analysis and (2) build strategic relationships around specific issues so we can advance anti-racist policies and priorities inside local institutions and structures.

Solidarity Action Core ✉️
The Solidarity Action Core is one of three Mass Work Cores. It is the mobilizing arm of the SURJ KC Network, working to provide support to People of Color groups that we are in relationship with. We do this by mobilizing the SURJ KC Network to support direct actions, training people to show up effectively in those actions, and continuing to build relationships in the community.

Education Core ✉️
We organize white people for racial justice, specifically in the realm of education.

This is a venue created to connect those who are affiliated with an educational institution to better identify racist practices in school systems, to deepen our knowledge of systematic racism in education, and to collaborate on ways to “show up for racial justice” in the communities where we live and work.

Families Core ✉️
We organize, support, and educate white caregivers to do anti-racism work in ourselves and our families in accountability relationships with People of Color. We desire to be race conscious caregivers who are raising race conscious children as a way to help dismantle white privilege and racism.

We are dedicated to addressing and confronting the problems of systemic racism within KC’s queer and gender non-conforming communities. We welcome anyone who identifies as a part of these communities to join us and take action.

Young Folks Core ✉️
We are a unique space for people who identify as millennials, or for folks 30 years old and younger. Our collective goal is to enlist and educate young folks in the Kansas City area in the fight for racial justice. We meet this goal by 1) holding monthly meetings to educate ourselves on issues relating to racial justice, 2) taking concrete action by attending solidarity events, rallies, and protests and 3) holding social events to strengthen relationships and network with other accomplices.”

Other Cores
Some neighborhoods, congregations, workplaces, schools, and other affinity groups have built SURJ KC cores that are open to new members from these communities.  Please email if you’d like to learn more about these cores or if you are interested in starting one yourself.